The city was truly born in 1931, when Nevada legalized gambling. The main credit for turning Las Vegas into one of the wonders of the world belongs to the American mafia. One of the city’s first hotels, the Flamingo, was owned by the hitman Bugsy Siegel. Since then, a lot of time has passed, the largest corporations and law enforcement agencies in the country have long removed the mafia from the management of Las Vegas hotels. Today, this oasis in the desert attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

There are no hotels like this anywhere in the world. Many hotels in Las Vegas can’t even be called hotels – they are entire cities with streets, canals, copies of the world’s most famous monuments, etc. The size of the casino in Las Vegas is simply amazing, for example, the casino in Caesars Palace is larger than all the casinos in Monte Carlo combined.

But Las Vegas is not only a casino, here tourists can enjoy great shows, trips many interesting excursions, including to the Grand Canyon, and many other entertainment options. One of the main advantages of this city is that both the rich and ordinary mortals feel comfortable here, entertainment to taste and afford is provided for everyone. The food in Las Vegas is very cheap, the buffets, which are more like football fields in size, offer hundreds of items of snacks and confectionery at very low prices. For those who prefer «exclusive», chic restaurants are provided, for example, in the Bellagio Hotel, where original Picasso paintings hang on the walls. In general, the question of whether to include Las Vegas in the program of the trip or not, there is only one answer-absolutely!

There is an opinion that people go on a tour to Las Vegas only to play in the casino. A tour of this city, organized by the travel company Fly2play, will 100 % prove to you that it is a perfect idea to visit Vegas. If you decide to take an advantage of our offer, you will have the opportunity to visit many interesting places located in Las Vegas. Of course, it is impossible not to agree that Las Vegas is the cradle of gambling, and most tourists can not take advantage of the chance to sit in the casino all night. But this is not the only highlight of the city.

Once in Las Vegas, you can:

  • enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon landscape design from a bird’s eye view;
  • visit the mesmerizing show of the dancing giant fountain;
  • see the variety of cactus species growing in their natural habitat.

For romantics, there are churches in Las Vegas that offer the services of organizing a solemn ceremony that will confirm your vows of love during the wedding renewal ceremony.

To get more information about the tour to Las Vegas, please call the managers of the company Fly2play at the phone numbers listed on the website.


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